Club Organisation & Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming A Member of the Club

Price - £30
First sign up online here then pay your membership.
You can pay for membership in the following ways:
  • Pay online at The Box Office and look for "Road
    Cycling Year Membership".
  • Pop a cheque for £30 in our pigeon hole (In the room adjacent to The Hub, 1st floor of the Student's
    Union Building 40 (joined to the Stag's Head)) .
  • Pay in person at the Box Office (25p extra) where you
    may use your student entitlements card.
  • Bring cash to the Wednesday ride or to a spinning class.
  • Track down one of the committee and give him/her cash!

I Don't Have A Bike, Where Can I Buy One?

In Southampton. Hargroves Cycles and Cycle World are very good places to start looking for road bikes. If you want to see a friendly face; JMJ Cycles offer competitive prices on bike servicing for club members.
You can also find second hand bikes on eBay or Gumtree, although be careful of deals which look too good to be true. It’s always good to check the seller beforehand, and if you are buying second hand it’s always worth asking to see a receipt.
If you have questions about prices and would like some advice before buying, don’t hesitate to ask for advice on our Facebook page, there will always be someone happy to help!
Unfortunately, the club does not have its own bikes as it only has a limited budget.

I Have A Bike, Does It Need To Be A Road Bike?

No, we do our best to cater for every member’s needs and you do not need to spend your student loan to get a super fancy bike.
We do recommend however bikes with rigid frames and slick tyres as they are more suited for longer rides! On our normal club rides it is always good to ride light and there is generally no need for you to take paniers.
We also have loads of other cycling events going on throughout the year where we will not be on the road, including velodrome and spinning training.

Where Can I Ride In Southampton?

The best way to get to know the local roads would be to come on a group ride with us - every Wednesday at 1:45pm. See 'Club Rides & Events' for more information.

Otherwise, head out of Southampton in almost every direction and you'll come across some great cycling countryside. The Test Valley is a good place to start being super close and only a few minutes cycle north out of the city. It has quiet, winding roads and many idyllic villages to meander slowly through.
Head out to the east and you'll enter into the Meon Valley, home to rolling hills and quaint country pubs. This place is great for losing yourself on a sunny afternoon, letting your mind relax.
Take a slightly longer ride out to the west and you'll encounter the New Forest. A flat and often windy landscape, the Forest can be a tricky mistress and battling the elements can be your biggest struggle. She does however provide the best routes, most scenic roads and wonderful countryside; unforgettable on a warm summer's day. What more could you ask for?

I've Never Ridden In A Group Before, Is It Safe?

We ride on the road and so you need to be careful of motorists. We will teach you how to cycle safely when riding in a pack. Our aim is to build up your confidence cycling on the road and help you discover and enjoy the countryside around Southampton on your bike!